Eastern Europe is known for its beautiful women, and our guides in Bratislava are no exceptions to this belief! Let them show you the wonders of their city by day and night!

We can assure you that all of our guides are friendly, sociable and up for having a good time. And if you're concerned about a language barrior, don't worry, all of our guides speak English fluently - allowing you to just get on and enjoy your last weekend of freedom!

They are all keen party-goers, with extensive local knowledge on where's Hot in town! So don't fret! Your time here in Bratislava is in the safest hands!


Former fashion model Mira.
Mira loves to laugh and joke around when she is your tour guide.

Mira is quite the experienced party-goer! Having been to her fair share of parties, you're guaranteed to be shown where's hot in Bratislava! Although she enjoys daytime activities, this former model comes alive in the night!

Despite her beauty, Mira is fun, friendly and lives for an adventure. As this girl is up for almost anything, this true party animal is sure to facilitate a night out to remember (Or forget - depending how much you had to drink!)


Daniela is one of our tour guides studying here in Bratislava.
Daniela and Timea on a night out with a stag group.

Daniela is one of our newest members to the team. Studying here in Bratislava, Daniela is a bright and sprightly guide, loving the lime light- she is the life and soul of the party!

With charm, and banter to match, Daniela's knowing how to have a good time is in her DNA! Although she came to work with us just a few months ago, she has left a very lasting impression with the stag groups she has guided.


Dominika is one of our

Don't be confused by her American twang - Dominika is a true Slav, ready to show you what Bratislava has to offer!

Having spent some time in the abroad in the US, Dominika is back in Bratislava, excited to show your stag group the wonders of the city. She is one of our newest members, excitable and chatty, she loves to live life in the fast lane during the day and night!

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Latest feedback

Photographs showed there are many things to be ashamed of and that's exactly what we have expected from a great party weekend! Guides gave us all the information we needed to get by in Bratislava and were just nice. Thanks!! Richard and his group...
The karting and the paintball were perfect fun for the group of our size and nothing was a problem. A big thanks goes to our reps who made our weekend even more unforgettable. They knew the places and without their advice we would spend the time in some...
You guys certainly made our weekend special and we will remember it for a long time. Limo rental was a good idea, also mud wrestling and steaks and strip show is something we could hardly forget ever. The clubs stayed open till the morning hours and were...
Your guides are credit to your company. They soon became very popular with the whole group and had excellent local knowledge. Nothing is more fun than the guide teaching us Slovak words at 2 a.m. , anyway I think the language would be very difficult to...
We loved Bratislava and speaking for myself, I would like to come back some day. I think we have all sort of recovered already. Clubs in the city are stunning, we also liked especially one bar with rock music, which was really large and cool. The guides...

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