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Since the 1st of January 2009, the official currency of Slovakia has been the Euro. The credit cards that are widely accepted are VISA, MasterCard, EuroCard/MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Electron. However American Express cards are not accepted everywhere. We do not recommend carrying large amounts of cash on your person because there are many ATMs around Bratislava where you can make cash withdrawals.


In general, cost of living and prices in Slovakia are relatively lower than those in Western European countries, altogether making your experience here more affordable. For this reason Bratislava is a great stag do destination for any budget.


You'll be please to know, that compared to the majority of other EU countries, for Bratislava the greatest margin in price is in the price of alcohol. On average Bratislava's alcohol prices are significantly cheaper.

  • In bars and pubs a pint of beer costs from 1.50 € to 2 € / GBP 1.20 to GBP 1.60
  • In clubs mostly bottled beer costs from 3 € / GBP 2.40
  • 1 shot of vodka (measuring 40ml or 50ml) is from 2 € / GBP 1.63


The town is strewn with places to eat, ranging from fast foods, street food, snack-bars and restaurants. Offering a wide range of international cuisine - if you're in the mood for anything from an Italian to an Indian (maybe not a good idea after last night's heavy sesh), or maybe a sophisticated Thai - the city's got what you're looking for.

There are many friendly Slovak restaurants as well, serving national Slovak dishes and delicacies for those of you who are a little more adventurous.

  • A quick snack or baguette from 2 € / GBP 1.60
  • Lunch menu in restaurant costs from 5 € / GBP 4.10
  • Regular meal in restaurant from 6 € / GBP 4.90


There are many local taxi companies in Bratislava that can be identified by the sticker that the car bears on its side, which should include the company's name and number. We don't recommend getting in a taxi that you have not pre-booked or ordered because often this increases the fare to almost double. Pre-order by calling the taxi firm directly to get the cheapest price.

The standard price of a licensed taxi service starts at 0.50 € per kilometer, with the minimum base price for being 3.90 €.

Public Transport

Public transport in Bratislava is very efficient. The city's transport network is made up of buses, trains, trolleybuses, trams and taxis - making it easy incredibly easy for you to get from A to B. The price of tickets is based on the duration of your journey. For instance, a ticket for 15 minutes costs 0.70 € and ticket for 60 minutes costs 0.90 € (during weekend this same ticket is worth 90-minutes).


Slovakia has a continental climate, resulting in massive differences in temperature and weather between summer and winter. Bratislava is at a lower altitude than many other regions of the country, causing it to have warmer weather throughout the year. The city's average summer temperature is about 27°C, but often this figure creeps into the low 30s. By contrast, the winter temperature usually drops to about -3°C, with maybe a few weeks at -8°C after the Christmas break.

Time difference

Bratislava is in the Central European Time Zone (CET), making the time difference between to the United Kingdom +1 hour in winter (from October to March) and +2 hours in the summer (from October to March).


Slovakia's international telephone code is 00421


Visas are not required for travelers living in the European Union. There are other countries that have no visa obligation for a visit to Bratislava, these are for example United States or Australia. Travelers originating from countries outside of this list are required to have valid visas when entering Slovakia.


British Embassy
Panská 16, 811 01 Bratislava
Phone: 00421-259982000

The United States Embassy
Hviezdoslavovo nám. 5, 811 02 Bratislava
Phone: 00421-254430861

Bratislava Travel Guide

Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia, located on the edge of Carpathian Mountains in the southeast of the country. The city is located just kilometers from the boarders of Austria and Hungary. Thanks to its central position travel from Bratislava to other European countries, or vice-versa, is extremely easy, and takes very little time.


Bratislava castle is situated on the hill overlooking the Danube. It is possibly the city's grandest landmark and was built in the early 9th century. The most famous cathedral is St Martin's Cathedral which is also located in the Old Town. The marvelous building stands as the coronation site for many Hungarian Emperors, Maria Theresa was also crowned there. There are many beautiful gardens in the city center, the Medical Gardens arguably being the grandest, that lie behind the Presidential Palace.

Old Town

Bratislava's has a charming medieval Old Town in the inner city. This quaint district of the city has narrow streets that are largely pedestrianized. Standing as the historic hub of the city, the old town has bars, pubs and restaurants jutting out from almost every building. Largely parallel to the river many of the city's main hotels, traditional pubs, restaurants and clubs are located. There are 5 bridges that connect both of Bratislava's sides and most of them have walk ways for pedestrians. You will for sure notice so called "UFO bridge" connecting the old town with the opposite side. There are also many river cruises in the summer time.


Bratislava is a popular stag do destination because of the rich local nightlife within the Old Town. Because everything is easily to reach, you don't have to spend your time getting from place to place. The local city pubs offer international and local beer and are very welcoming to tourists. In the summer, the city comes to life as the streets open to become outdoor restaurants and bars with summer terraces. The clubbing scene is great after a bar crawl, playing the latest music often provided by international Dj's.


Bratislava has a rich history and connection in the wine trade. Surrounding rural areas outside of Bratislava are in the wine trade, with vineyards and agricultural lands assigned for wine production.

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