Daytime Activities

From summer activities covering water sports to winter skiing near the city, more than 30 professionally organized activities will ensure you make the best action of your stag do. Thanks to ideal location of the city, you can also try activities in Austria or Czech Republic.

Submachine gun-Pistol-Revolver Shooting Package

Stag do shooting in Bratislava
Shooting from the gun in the indoor hall
Stag party shooting activity in Bratislava
Target for handgun shooting

Shooting with three popular hand-weapons is taking place in downtown shooting range that is easily accessible by walk. You will be using different guns - a revolver cartridge 357 Magnum, semi-automatic Glock pistol and submachine gun Skorpion cal.7.65.


AK-47 Military Shooting Package

Man shooting from Kalashnikov
AK-47 in Bratislava
Indoor shooting range in Bratislava
Stag weekend Shooting from Kalashnikov AK 47 in Bratislava

During this shooting event, you and your mates will have a chance to try the famous AK-47. This gun was constructed (in 1947) by Soviet Army to be used by Soviet Bloc countries and nowadays it is the most sold gun in the world!


White Water Rafting

White water rafting in Bratislava
Stag weekend rafting
Rafting in Cunovo near Bratislava
Summer stag activity in Bratislava

Fast and unpredictable, rafting will make sure none of you stays dry. In one of the best European artificial canals you can trial the water in which professional athletes train most of the time. Two canals leading from Danube river are 460 and 356 meters long and all the area is modern built. At the beginning you will get instructions and along with experienced instructor there is no doubt that you sail the water successfully.


White Water Kayaking

Kayaking stag activity near Bratislava

Using kayak is a lot different from rafting and you definitely should try it! One hour of sailing down the artificial channel near Bratislava with the help of professional instructor will completely make you feel like sportsmen at Olympics. This place has a real sport value hosting World and European Water Slalom Championships.


Hydro Speed

Hydrospeed in Bratislava
Summer hydrospeed activity in Bratislava
Stag group at hydrospeed day time activity
Stag weekend hydrospeed in Bratislava

Normally you would not probably enter a fast river flow and cope with its force. With hydrospeed you can not only safely try it but also fully enjoy it! In the one of Danube's side canals you will follow the downstream of river lying on a special float, coordinating direction with flippers. Soak your whole body into the water and under the guidance of an experienced instructor enjoy the exiting ride.


4X4 Off Road

4X4 Off Road Jeep Driving in Bratislava

Sit behind the wheel of specially modified off-road jeep and experience the passion and extreme coming from driving in rough terrain. Off Road track in Bratislava is 5 kilometers long and full of obstacles of varying difficulty. Instructions are provided by an instructor from professional team which participated in prestigious races such as Dakar Rally.


Buggy Racing

Offroad buggies activity at Bratislava stag party
Racing in offroad buggies
Bratislava buggies adventure
Start of the buggie race in Bratislava

Get dirty, make some noise and kick up the dust at the racing competition on buggies. These off-road cars are the best for the ones who love to feel the terrain and proximity of the ground. At the 1200 meters long area full of curves your stag group can try-out four single and four double buggies. You can use double cars as single or you can try the fun of racing in pairs.


Bridge Swinging

Stag do bungee jumping and swinging in Bratislava
Stag is swinging from the bridge over Danube
Adrenaline bridge swinging for stag groups in Bratislava
Free fall from Bratislava's bridge over Danube

Jumping from the bridge over Danube its not the opportunity of every day. Easy preparation and then just free fall and swinging. Take all your courage and don’t look down! From 25 meters high platform you will end only 4 meters above the water, enough to rise adrenaline for maximum. After the free fall, ropes will smoothly slow your speed and you will not experience the unpleasant sudden jerk known from bungee jumping.


Hummer Tour

Rent Hummer limousine for your stag do in Bratislava

Sightseeing is not probably the reason you came to the city, but getting to know the place of your stag do from fancy window of hummer limousine, that’s surely another thing! Drive the city around in exclusive car and enjoy the ride with your stag mates. In case you consider it was enough of interest for the city, you can order a strip dancer who will dance her private show inside the limousine only for you.


Brewery Tour & Beer Tasting

Beer tasting in Svaty Jur near Bratislava
Stag weekend brewery tour in Bratislava
Brewery tour at stag do
Beer production in Slovakia

Wondering how this gold drink from heaven is getting descended to the Earth? Brewery tour along with beer tasting will not leave a doubt in your mind. Beer production is part of the Slovak culture and tradition already since 11. century and drinking of beer is still popular among all generations in Slovakia.


Military Paintball

Paintball players waiting for a chance
Paintball player hiding behind the tires
Two running paintball players
Day stag activity in Bratislava

If you want to experience action, military style paintball is the right activity to enjoy. The area in forest surroundings of Bratislava covers variety of natural obstacles along with artificially constructed barriers. You can hide in trenches, different bunkers or wait for your mates at the raised places for snipers. At the area of 500 Sq mt you will have enough space to surprise the stag with some extra shots.


Tank Driving

Tank driver
Inside the tank
Tank driving in Bratislava
Stag do tank driving in Bratislava

During tank driving you will feel like real military soldiers during the war. Before the ride an experienced instructor will give you instructions on how to drive through the tough terrain with an old 12 tons tank and then you will have 30 minutes time to try the driving.


Indoor Go Karting

Bratislava indoor go karting race
Go karting action during stag weekend in Bratislava
Go karting race in Bratislava
Stag weekend activity in Bratislava

Indoor go kart race is the right choice for every stag party in Bratislava. The modern go kart hall is the largest in Slovakia and has around 5 000 sq. meters & go karts with Honda engines racing up to 40 kph. With us every person gets 20 minutes of driving time, as well as his racing times are displayed online on large screens - evaluated by professional timekeeping technology also used in official kart races.


Outdoor Go Karting

Outdoor go karting fun
Outdoor go karting near Bratislava
Go karting activity
Stag do go karting near Bratislava

Our private transfer will take you to very close outdoor go-kart track in Austria, where professional go kart cup takes place each year! Driving fast on the extremely wide track (up to 10 meters) you will feel like real F1 drivers. Each of you will get 30 minutes of driving time on 270cc Honda karts and free beer after the race.


Quad Biking Adventure

Quad biking near Bratislava
Stag weekend activity in Bratislava
Quad biker
Off road action in Bratislava

When else to get dirty if not at the stag do? Quad bikes offer freedom which can't be experienced on the road. Race against your mates in groups of four people at 1200 meters long area near Bratislava. Trying to get control over your quad through different surfaces and obstacles is where the action begins!


Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting activity in Bratislava
Clay Pigeon Shooting with friends
Man shooting pigeons
Clay Pigeon Shooting at stag do near Bratislava

Shoot at the target of clay pigeons and find out your sense of observation and accuracy. This activity is supervised with professional instructor who takes care of safety and proper use of the shotgun. Each person will get 20 cartridges to shoot 10 clay pigeons, what in fact increases your chances by far! You can share your experience after, while drinking a free cold beer together.


Laser Quest

Men hiding during laser quest
Laser game stag activity in Bratislava
Stag group playing laser quest
Laser arena in Bratislava

Laser tag was firstly developed by American army and used only for training soldiers however now you can try it by yourself! Laser game in special dark labyrinth is in place for everyone who likes action similar to paintball or airsoft. During one round lasting for 15 minutes you will use laser guns instead of classic paintball guns (which fortunately don't cost any pain) with the goal of hitting the most mates.


Outdoor 5-a-side Football

Outdoor football activity for stag weekend in Bratislava

Challenge of football game is always a good option when men meet. Rent an outdoor five-a-side football pitch in Bratislava and play as professionals. In five-a-side football each team has 5 players instead of usual eleven, including smaller pitch and goals. If you think the number of people in your group is not sufficient to play, we can arrange you another team to play with.


Indoor Football

Indoor football stag activity in Bratislava

When you walk down the Old Town, we are sure Slovak girls think a famous football team arrived to Bratislava ;) You can take a chance of the fact that your group already met and prove your skills in football match at the rented hall. Indoor football is available in all weather conditions and there is a free beer waiting for each of you afterwards as well.


High Ropes Climbing

Lanoland in Bratislava
High ropes park in Bratislava
Stag do day activity
High ropes stag party

High ropes park welcomes you in the spectacular forest area with 5 different climbing ways depending on difficulty. One of them is especially designed to be climbed in pairs or groups what makes the most fun of it. Rope barriers reach up to 10 meters and when you are not afraid of highs, you can perfectly enjoy the climbing in between the trees in pure nature.



Bratislava Stag weekend adrenaline with zorbing
Zorbing stag do activity in Bratislava
Zorbing fun during stag weekend in Bratislava
Stag group having fun with Zorbing

The Zorbing area in Bratislava consists of artificial hill with a height of 7 meters and 50 metres long track for rolling, in the end of which the ball stops itself. The best time for this activity is from spring to autumn, winter Zorbing is available only in case the temperature outside stays above zero.


Bowling Tournament

Stag weekend bowling in Bratislava
Bowling in Bratislava

Knock down as many pins as possible in the ultimate bowling match. Modern bowling club is located near city center and offers many bowling tracks to play on. Automatic scoring system is a guarantee of correct results and each player will get a free beer for his efforts after the game.


Jet Skiing

Man racing jet ski
Stag do summer sports in Bratislava
Bratislava water sports
Jet skiing during stag weekend in Bratislava

Bratislava posses many lakes within and around the city and also side flows of river Danube make it perfect place for water sports, including jet skiing. Cruising with high speed on scooters is absolute freedom on the water, not mentioning that this will make you appear like lifeguards to the girls on the beach!


Water Skiing

Water skiing stag activity
Water skiing at high speed
Water skiing in Bratislava
Man trying to control water ski

Located within the city, natural lake with 400 meters of sandy beach has become a popular place for water sport lovers. With favorable conditions in this area, water skiing is known with its proper and up-to-date service. After the initial instructions, modern rope tow will challenge your abilities and take you to the width of the lake. Try to withstand the start, keep balance and show your mates how to do it or watch their attempts from the summer terrace of a lakeside bar.


Sky Diving

Guys sky diving near Bratislava
Stag party sky diving
Stag group ready to jump from the plane near Bratislava
Adrenaline activity near Bratislava

Stag party is always a great time to try something extreme and thus make it surely memorable! Sky diving is adventurous activity during which a plane will take you to the height of 3000 meters, so you can then jump down to absolutely free space and experience free fall with speed up to 200 km/hr. Of course you are tethered to a professional instructor who will take care of everything what needs to be done while you can just enjoy the ride. The doors are open and now keep your eyes wide to see the amazing view!


Golf Tournament

Men from stag do group starting their golf tournament
Beautiful golf center near Bratislava
Playing golf during stag do in Bratislava
Bratislava is a nice place for golf afternoon

Put your clubs and balls to the golf bag and start the tournament with your mates at the first golf course near Bratislava. Golf is a real sport for men requiring strategic thinking and good decisions and is closely related to the nature. The course lies inside of beautiful historic park and all the area is worth to see.


Thai Massage

Thai massage during stag do in Bratislava

To experience an exotic atmosphere of Asia, there is no reason to travel so far. During one hour of thai massage in Bratislava's fancy massage center you can completely enjoy relaxing massage provided by a professional therapist and let yourself be the one of whom will be taken care of. Not to mention the relaxing and therapeutic effects, a little of woman touch can be always a good option.


Bratislava Spa

Stag relax in Bratislava Spa

Take your time during the day in Spa center of well-known hotel in Bratislava. In modern renovated wellness area you can use indoor heated pool with counter, Finnish and steam sauna, steam bath and fitness facilities, meanwhile relaxing in the large rest area. Thai massage is also available by paying extra.



Paragliding stag activity for each stag group coming to Bratislava

Spice up your stag do with adventure. Paragliding is fun & adrenaline activity which can be conducted year round and it only needs a short instructions to taste the magic of flying. Don't worry, during this tandem jump you will be chained to experienced instructor so you can fully enjoy the heights and excitement of your ride.


Wine Tasting in Bratislava

Stag do wine tasting in Bratislava

An experienced sommelier will explain you the basic you need to know to taste the delicious wines from popular Bratislava's wine cellar. You can try 5 kinds of wine coming from Slovak wine regions surrounding Bratislava and eat the typical cheese plate always connected with this activity. Although wine tasting is not drinking, we are sure that this will be a good preparation for your night partying adventure.


Bubble Football

Enjoying the match to the fullest!
Stag buddies prepared for match!
Transparent ball for crazy bubble football
Bubble football is a perfect activity for your stag do in Bratislava

Football is the most popular sport among men. But this will be your stag do and common and popular things should be turned into odd, wild and crazy stuff!

Put your head into a big transparent bubble and play a match with your stag buddies! Run back and forth through the pitch and try to kick the ball or at least maintain a balance!

The most enjoyable part of the game is defence. Protect your goal with jumping and crashing into your rivals.


Tower Bungee Jump

Let rush an adrenaline through your body!
110-meter high tower
Adrenaline jumping in Bratislava
Live up your stag do to the fullest!

Let's whoop it up with some adrenaline activities! Your stag do should be the best party of your life and with Bratislava's activities it can't be anything but unforgettable experience!

If you feel dizzy when looking out of the window in your girlfriend's apartment at the 6th floor, you should skip this and better order something less demanding. But if the thought of heights runs adrenaline in your blood, go on reading!


Blob Jump

Excited stag about to be launched into the air on the Blob balloon
Blob jump and equipment set up in Bratislava
Stag is mid-blobbing jump in Bratislava
Stag do Blob Jump Activity in Slovakia from platform

The clue is so not in the name with this one...

The Blob itself is a massive floating air-filled balloon. One member of your group sits on one end of the balloon, while another member of your group jumps from a high platform onto the other end. The thrust of the jumper causes the sitter to be flung up into the air at great speed and height. The catapultee then lands in water, after the flight of his life!


Outdoor Airsoft

Bratislava airsoft in the forest
Bratislava airsoft in the forest

Airsoft was develeped by Japanese as an answer to the American boom of paintball, so why not to try the airsoft instead of paintball to experience the twist on it?!

With us you can experience the airsoft game with diverse scenarios to choose from. You will be playing at natural playfield in the forest area with artificial obstacles and barriers.

Our airsoft package includes 2 hours of play and based on our experience this is optimal time for a stag group to enjoy the game and keep some powers for partying & pub crawl in the night.


Four Hand-guns Shooting Package

Shooting with four popular hand-guns in downtown shooting range, which is easily accessible by walk. You will be shooting from four different guns - a revolver cartridge 357 Magnum, semi-automatic Glock pistol, submachine gun Skorpion cal.7.65 and pistol caliver .45A which gives even stronger recoil than the 9mm pistol.



Bobsleighing activity at stag party in Bratislava
Bobsleigh track in Bratislava - Koliba
Bobsleighing in Bratislava forest
Man riding bobsleighs down the hill

Bobsleighing is a fun activity conducted on famous Bratislava hill right in the spectacular forest. On the 360 meters long track you will use bobsleighs - cars with wheels for one person, with mechanism enabling the driver to control the acceleration. Your speed can be up to 50 kph although you have breaks to slow down. The cable lift will comfortably bring you back so you don't have to worry about walking up the hill after yesterday partying night.


Bratislava Ski Trip

Stag do in Bratislava Ski trip
Skiing at Pezinska baba near Bratislava

In the ski resort near Bratislava you can take a break for one day out of the city and have fun with your mates on skis. You can choose from three ski tracks with length from half to one kilometer when different rope tows lift you on the crest of the hills. During the day you can refresh yourself in the near by buffet or restaurant and by the evening you will be already back to continue with partying.


Snow Mobiles

Snow scooters ride during stag party in Bratislava

In the winter season you have opportunity to try snow scooters and feel the ride on the snow which is very different from water! We will take you to the nearby hills by private transfer and each of you will get minimum 30 minutes of riding on modern Yamaha Venture 700 snow scooters. Put your glows on and get ready to feel the cold air!


Snow Sledding

Snow sledding in Bratislava

Snow sledding is very popular in Bratislava! Push yourself down the hill and enjoy the ride. Haven't you tried it since you were kids? Even better! Sledding on the snow is real fun and you won't like to stop. After the ride you can warm yourselves by the free hot punch waiting for everyone.


Trabant Communist Tour

Communist tour in Bratislava during your stag do.

In case you have not experienced the communist era, this will bring you to the mute amazement. Getting 50 years back, during the tour you will see famous Russian memorial and old remains of this age. Did you know Bratislava has the largest area of communist blocks in all Eastern Europe? Our driver will wait for you already in front of your hotel in original Trabant car and from there he will take to astonishing tour towards communism.


Bratislava Segway Tour

Getting to know Bratislava from Segways

Get to know the city fast and use these two-wheeled vehicles when watching the most interesting sights to see in Bratislava (National Theater, Main Squares, "UFO" bridge, Danube river side, boats, modern centre). Our guide will take you for a trip across the city while you can have fun of running segway. Because you are so fast, of course you have enough time to enter some pubs in old town meanwhile.


Small Carpathians tour with wine tasting

Wine tasting during stag do in Bratislava
Wine tasting near Bratislava
Wine cellars near Bratislava
Stag party wine tasting in Bratislava

Taste the aromas and flavors of 5 kinds of wine (including white, rose and red) in the cellar of majestic castle in wine region near Bratislava. Slovakia is a producer of high quality wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay and the vineyards were founded here already in 13th century.


Vienna Tour

Stag trip to Vienna
Vienna tour for stag party in Bratislava
Prater in Vienna
Stag group in Vienna

Once in Bratislava, why not to take a chance of visiting two capitals hereby. Just less than 70 kilometers distant, Vienna is ideal place for one day hanging around, taking pictures of city, sitting in the local bars and restaurants or making a bit of shopping.

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Your guides are credit to your company. They soon became very popular with the whole group and had excellent local knowledge. Nothing is more fun than the guide teaching us Slovak words at 2 a.m. , anyway I think the language would be very difficult to...
We loved Bratislava and speaking for myself, I would like to come back some day. I think we have all sort of recovered already. Clubs in the city are stunning, we also liked especially one bar with rock music, which was really large and cool. The guides...

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