Bratislava Nightlife

Bratislava city

Bratislava is a popular stag do destination, with outstandingly wide choice of night activities to choose from. Starting with pub crawl to exclusive dance and lap dance clubs, you will find the activities your stag group likes the most.

Nightlife in Bratislava

Though Bratislava has a lot of history and culture to show we guarantee that what will impress you the most is the Bratislava nightlife. Party the night away with the locals and experience one of the best weekend in your life as you taste the cuisine and club hop with a local guide that knows all the best spots in town. There is so much that Bratislava can offer that we recommend you plan ahead so you can see and experience everything of interest. With a long list of activities and knowledgeable guides you can plan back to back activities that will leave you with life-long memories.

Party all night long

Take your stag party to Bratislava and unwind with some of the most beautiful women in Europe. Start the night off with a steak dinner or Slovak cuisine. For more exoticism enjoy Naked Sushi or Naked Table Feast off of some of the sexiest ladies in Bratislava. Follow your delicious dinner with a VIP Casino Night or organize a Private Texas Hold’em Poker with your friends. When you are ready to hit the clubs one of our local guides will take you to the best spots in town to experience the Bratislava nightlife to its fullest. If you are looking to better get acquainted with the beauties of Bratislava consider continuing your evening with Hot Bodyshots, a Mud Wrestling match, or meet locals with a Guided Pub Crawl. Complete your weekend stag package with a hot striptease or lap dance that will leave you more than satisfied.

The Bratislava nightlife is at the top of the list of the wildest party goers yet costs only a fraction of what it would in other locations. With some of the least expensive alcohol in the EU and some of the hottest women you can’t go wrong! Take your stag party to experience the fantastic Bratislava nightlife and we guarantee you’ll be asking for more!

VIP Night Clubbing

VIP stag night in Bratislava
Bratislava stag party clubbing
The Club stag party
Stag weekend clubbing in Bratislava

During your VIP night clubbing you will be taken to the one of the most exclusive clubs in Bratislava. They are fancy and modern, with best local or international Djs following last music trends. You can drink here mixed drinks or strong shots, talk to the beautiful local women, dance all night long and everything with the company of our lovely local guides.


Mud Wrestling

Two girls fighting in mud
Beautiful mud wrestler
Man and women mud wrestling
Hot girls making mud wrestling show

When you see two hot girls in the minimum clothing in the pool full of mud, you can be sure your stag party in Bratislava has begun. At one of the most popular stag activity girls in bikinis will complete two rounds of fight in front of your stag group. Then its up to the stag whether he wants to join the third round, or is it not? The music and special light effects give the wrestling party the right atmosphere.


Guided Pub Crawling

Pub crawling in Bratislava
Bratislava stag group pub crawl
Pub crawling in Bratislava
Stag group in Bratislava partying in pub

Hanging out alone through the city where you are for the first time will only cause you loss of your precious time. Bratislava and it's best places to drink, that's exactly what our guides know the best. During your pub crawl you will get to know best city bars before partying all night, taste stunning local beer, drink strong shots and enjoy the unique local atmosphere of diverse pubs in just a single night.


Steak & Strip Dinner

Steak and Strip dinner in Bratislava
Steak stag dinner with stripper

Steak & Strip Dinner is hot, sexy and fun way of dining with your mates, where steaks are not the last thing you want to taste. In one of the best steak restaurants in the city you can try the dining style which is surely different from the one you are used to at home.


Steaks & Lesbian Show

Lesbian show at stag steak dinner in Bratislava

Steaks are for real men but we think you won't mind if two hot girls will join your dinner and provide you sexy lesbian show. There are not just the tasty steaks to eat, you can choose from wide offer of meals depending on your actual taste. However, probably you will be more busy by deciding about which girl is more sexy this time.


Hot Bodyshots

Bodyshots at stag party in Bratislava

We invite you to one of the top lap dance clubs in the city, where drinking of shots takes place. Our guide will seat you to a reserved table and serve two free beers to each of you. Right after the strip show performed by professional dancers you can taste the exciting combination of alcohol and hot woman body from dancer's naked belly.


Tacos & Tits

Stripper at stag dinner in Bratislava
Mexican food and stripper in Bratislava

No way that spicy food will be the only hot thing you will see during this event! Our guide will take you to the popular restaurant where you will eat the best from tacos, burritos and other Mexican specialties. When the stripper will join dinner and remove her clothes, you will feel the right atmosphere of hot Mexican nights.


Vodka Night

Vodka stag night in Bratislava

Enjoy a funny time with your mates in Bratislava's pubs, measuring your strengths in vodka drinking. Vodka is the typical drink of Eastern Europe and believe it or not, Slovak people make a real challenge for you by translating the word vodka - derived from "voda" which means water. :)


Absinthe Night

Absinthe night in Bratislava
Absinthe shots
Stag drinking absinthe
Stag party absinth night

Absinthe contains more alcohol than probably the most of the drinks you have ever tasted. During the night, you can discover why famous bohemian intellectuals, writers and artists across Europe could not resist its green magic. It is allowed to drink Absinthe anywhere in Slovakia and it is said that one shot of it almost equals two shots of whiskey or similar sort of alcohol. This seems like saving your time for another things to do. ;)


Cocktail Cruise

Cocktail crawl for your stag do in Bratislava

We know that now you are thinking – cocktails are for women – and you are absolutely right! Use this knowledge for you and visit luxurious cocktail bars full of the most beautiful posh women in the city. After drinking a free drink you can taste other famous cocktails from drink list, all prepared by professional bartenders.


Bratislava Female Stripper

Stag weekend striptease in Bratislava
Hot strippers

Hot, sexy and fun, stag party without striptease would be like winter without Christmas. During this event, professional stripper will perform eye-catching choreography in front of your group and stag will be involved too! No matter the time of the year, seeing sexy Slovak girl stripping will leave each of you pleasantly warmed for a long time...


Bratislava Lap Dance

Lap dance club in Bratislava
Hot lap dance girl

The proximity of almost-naked hot women will drive your fantasy in one of the best lap dance clubs in the city. We will provide you free entrance to the club with the female guide assistance and seat you at the reserved table. Each person will get a free welcome shot and after there is nothing else left than sexy Bratislava's girls lap dancing throughout the night.


Deluxe VIP Lap Dance

Deluxe VIP Lap Dance in Bratislava

During deluxe night you are invited to the club, where erotic shows are performed all night through. You are not just regular costumers and special treatment of VIP guests is a must! Therefore when you finish your welcome glass of champagne, each 3 of you will get one topless table dancer to perform the dance only for you.


Private Lesbian show

Lesbian show in Bratislava

What is better than a sexy girl slowly stripping when dancing? Two of them of course! Sexy lesbian show will be provided for your group in the city centre, where two girls will strip in time of 3 songs. Let them practice your fantasy and enjoy the fun when stag will become a part of the show too!


Naked Table Feast

Naked woman feast in Bratislava

This is not a regular dinner at all! When a hot Slovak girl will come to see you and perform striptease for your group, you surely won't care much about filling your stomach. When she no longer has dress which makes obstacle, stag is the one who puts fruits and cream on her body so you can start with the unique feast.


Naked Sushi

woman cover by sushi
sushi dinner from naked model in Bratislava
Stag night naked sushi dinner
Naked sushi stag dinner in Bratislava

Coming from Japan a decorated body of naked women is part of cultural tradition and art. Even if naked sushi has became very popular, it is difficult to find a restaurant that provides this kind of dining. Fortunately, no obstacles for us are challenging enough! During this evening we will provide you exiting dinner with a sexy model from who you will pick and taste the most delicious pieces sushi rolls filled by raw seafood or vegetables.


Jelly Wrestling

Bratislava jelly wrestling experience

Fighting women are hot and watching them wrestling in jelly's slimy texture is sexy and entertaining at the same time. Two girls in bikini will during 5 songs do everything to win the fight and stag is the privileged one who will join them for 2 rounds.


Foam Wrestling

Bratislava foam wrestling erotic activity

Hot girls punching, kicking and slapping in foam are sexy to watch and after stag joins the fight the real fun begins for both participants and the audience. Remember - this is the time when the important it is not to win, but is to watch.


Private Texas Hold'Em Poker

Private hire of poker table in Bratislava

Play the most popular poker game of today at private poker table of famous casino. Texas Hold'Em poker is known by its simplicity and when compared to the regular games, each player is dealt only 2 cards in the beginning. This thrilling game is not about the lucky ones and developing strategies to win makes it a real challenge. Take your sunglasses if you want, but surely prepare for fun while bluffing and attempting to read hands of your mates.


VIP Casino Night

Man playing roulette in vip casino
Casino VIP night in Bratislava
Casino stag night in Bratislava
VIP casino night

Stag party in James Bond style? Roulette sound and typical thrill of green tables in Bratislava’s casino will add exciting fun to your night. We provide you the entrance along with starting bet, so you don’t have to spend much money to feel like a movie star. Only persons above 18 years are allowed to enter casino therefore your ID or passport are required for registration. Sportswear is not allowed when entering.


Welcome Dinner

Stag group at welcome dinner in Bratislava

The first night of your stay, we invite you to a fine restaurant where you can refill the energy for partying all night. After everything prepared for your arrival, a local restaurant will host you with the most delicious meals of your choice. Along with eating what you can and more, free beers will be served to round out the feast.


Welcome Dinner with Unlimited Beers

Stag welcome dinner in Bratislava

We know what you need your first night in the city - delicious warm food and unlimited flow of cold beer before all night partying. Your table will be ready in a fine restaurant in Downtown, close to all night venues. Along with unlimited supply of beer we provide you two course dinner with meals of your choice - from steaks, pork and chicken to vegetarian dishes.


Medieval Banquet

Stag medieval banquet in Bratislava
Medieval restaurant in Bratislava

Transfer yourself in time with ancient feast in the medieval tavern. The space of historic cellar dates back to the 17th century, furnished in the three musketeers style of old times. The three course dinner is served in ceramic dishes and of course you can eat whatever way you like, as no dining habits are established for Middle Ages. With medieval mugs full of beer you have to do just one more thing to start the proper medieval stag do - of course, to cheers laud with "all for one, one for all".


Two Course Slovak Dinner

Slovak dinner during stag do
Traditional Stag dinner in Bratislava
Typical Slovak food
Slovak dinner for stag party in Bratislava

Get back to the period of peaceful village dining and taste the most delicious food of local cuisine, accompanied by fine national beer which is a must in traditional restaurant. Typical Slovak meals were created by people living rural life in mountains from the sources available in this region. Preserved due to tradition in sheep farming, potatoes, wheat flour, dumplings, cow and sheep cheese, onions and garlic are the typical ingredients of national food in Slovakia.


Steak Dinner

Stag steak dinner in Bratislava
Bratislava steak restaurant
Steak dinner in Bratislava
Steak dinner for stag do

There is nothing more specific for men than taste for meat. Fortunately you no longer have to be good in hunting to get a juicy and tender cut of meat to your plate. Make your stag do a special occasion and celebrate it by eating in a fancy steak restaurant where high quality beef meat from South America is a basic standard. From very rare to well done, everyone gets what he desires.


Nude Female Model Life Painting

Life Painting with Nude Female Model
Bratislava Life Painting
Beers are available with Nude Painting
Bratislava Nude Painting
A stylish way how to include a nude gorgeous local girl without a strip club visit.
We will organise the pretty female model, all the art materials as well as bottle of beer per person to easier find the inspiration.
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Your guides are credit to your company. They soon became very popular with the whole group and had excellent local knowledge. Nothing is more fun than the guide teaching us Slovak words at 2 a.m. , anyway I think the language would be very difficult to...
We loved Bratislava and speaking for myself, I would like to come back some day. I think we have all sort of recovered already. Clubs in the city are stunning, we also liked especially one bar with rock music, which was really large and cool. The guides...

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